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During the AmericanSoundsTour, the noise of traffic of 27 American cities has been recorded as musical sounds.

The instrument of the AmericanSoundsTour was AudioUnit 9 (AU9), which transforms ambient noise to the sound-spectrum of an A-major chord.

The output of AU9 was recorded and synchronized to the films of the recording-situations.

AU9 was placed in inner-city traffic-situations all over the USA to record their musical embodiment.

The initiators of the created music are the causers of the noise environment. Such are all traffic-participants at the place and time of the recording.

Dynamic and rhythm of these short music-pieces originate from dynamic and rhythm of the traffic.

AmericanSoundsTour 2008


The BigAmericanDrone consists of all recordings of the AmericanSoundsTour. 27 recordings were merged into one sound piece of 10 minutes. The video was recorded in the Nevada desert.

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In case you can not watch the embedded youtube videos, here is a brief summary of the AmericanSoundsTour